Primal DC's cybercentric nightclub showcasing live music and media
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About Us

Primal DC's premiere cyberpunk themed night club showcasing live music and media. We aim to infuse our love for FFXIV with our decadently curated lineup of artists/DJs from beyond the Eorzean universe. Each show caters to a different set of talented DJs and producers that we wholeheartedly admire.

Our monthly events have something special to offer each and every time, including special raffles and prizes! Don't forget to check out our official drink menu for some of our handcrafted drinks. Please use #CLUBCYBERIAXIV when tagging us on your socials! We hope that you have an amazing time!



CLUB mANAGEMENT: Ichi, Shoyu, Seraph
Dancers: Oni, Saki, Violaante, Osoro, Thelos, Faye
Bartenders: Scarlett, Fenris
Staff: Glizzy, Rydia, Yenzelle